Since 1977

Since 1977, I have written more than 300 000 kilometers of words, that is to say put end to end, one way trip from Earth to the Moon. Or a second to light for this trip. A second light words in 30 years, some 3 billion signs.

Thursday, December 18, 2014




 In the history of mankind, there are many exceptional men who created happiness  and  enthusiasm. One of these men is the Moroccan  figure Larbi Ben Barek  called the Black Pearl...    Lhaj larbi  was born on  June 16th 1914, in the economic capital of Morocco  (Casablanca). He was the first player  to bear the nickname  of the "Black Pearl". Larbi began his career with a local club.          
                   Aged 17 years old, Larbi was a carpenter . He loved to practise all kinds of sports.   As a teenager, like any other boy, he loved football , but the only constraint was his brother who prevented him from practising his favourite hobbies.                                                                                      

                    One day, two foreigners watched the incredible skills of Larbi; they invited him to join the  USM Club. To be a great athlete , Ben Barek  worked  hard. After a short time, the renowned French Club of Marseille signed a contract  with Larbi. It was his first experience in Europe, he was 20 at this time. After one season, Larbi became the star of Marseille; he was also invited to participate with the national team of France. Thanks to Larbi, the team of France won with flying colours.   
                  Unfortunately, his career was interrupted by the on set of the World War. Larbi decided to return to Casablanca near his family, but it was not the end of his career. He  was  soon back to his best with (Stade Francais FC) ,and then in Spain with one of the biggest clubs in the world (Atletico Madrid). After he  moved  to this club, the supporters of Paris organized protesting marches during which some slogans displayed << sell the Eiffel tower but don't sell Ben Barek>>.          
                It was in Spain- the country  of bullfighting, Flamenco, and of course football- in Madrid exactly, that Larbi and his wife Louisette knew their moments of happiness. During  this period, the couple lived an intense joy.The success of Larbi with Atletico gave him a lot of respect, fame and recognition. 


                Ben Barek is still considered one of the world's best players. Larbi died in silence in September, 1992  in his home country leaving a fingerprint /" toeprint" that will always sparkle in the history of football.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Ella tend des fils dans l'air, cree des mobiles, cherche des espaces d'expression, dans le jardin, dans le salon, dans l'entree de la maison, rien ne lui est epargne. Elle utilise toutes les matieres; papier, colle blanche, fil de fer, scotch, tape d'electricien, bois, vis, clous !

Thursday, September 4, 2014



Workshop for children in the Gan Shoeva !!! After a long imaginary trip around the world in 80 days , we propose to take with us some amulet and sculpture in wood . Each one his little God or demon.

On pense bien entendu a L’Oreille Cassee de Tintin, a Pazuzu de Tardi et a toutes les reliques puisees dans l’univers d’Indiana Jones et  Jules Verne.