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Since 1977, I have written more than 300 000 kilometers of words, that is to say put end to end, one way trip from Earth to the Moon. Or a second to light for this trip. A second light words in 30 years, some 3 billion signs.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


U.K. film. Awesome racing footage from Le Mans, Sebring, Mille Miglia and Silverstone. Cool cars include: Tojeiro-Jaguar, Arnolt-Bristol, Ferrari 340 MM, Gordon GT, Birdcage Maserati, Bentley Mk VI, and others. Special guest appearance by real life Australian world champion Jack Brabham.

Greg Rafferty, is an English racing driver who has been around awhile and now his nerves and reputation are starting to suffer due to a series of bad crashes. Nevertheless, Greg signs on to race for Bartell, a rich American sponsor who wants to promote his tires.

Greg falls in love with the sponsor's daughter who begs him to stop racing. Greg's younger brother Taz, begins to pressure him to retire because he promised his mother that he would not drive until his older brother retires.

On the eve of the big race at Italy's Mille Miglia (a 1000 mile race) while testing a newly designed car, the drivers hit a patch of oil; and a driver is killed in the crash. Bill Travers, Ed Begley, Sid James, Nancy Walters, Ursula Jeans, Megs Jenkins, Jack Brabham, Sean Kelly. Tutte Lemkow, Gordon Tanner, Ferdy Mayne, Peter Collingwood. The Green Helmet!


Stanley Baker's character is sent to steal the plans from another company of their racing car designs, to ensure his employers win the competition. However when opening a safe containing the plans, he triggers an alarm leading to a gun battle where he kills a number of people. James Robertson Justice alarmed by the scandal surrounding the killings orders his agent be killed surreptitiously to hide his involvement with the plot. 

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