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Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Former Porsche factory driver Jaroslav Juhan , born in Prague in 1921, started his career as an importer of Italian cars and buses. He left his homeland in 1951 for the Republic of Guatemala, where he became the official importer of Porsche sports cars - and to publicise his business, he raced the vehicles he was selling.
Juhan won the Guatemalan 1953 Carrera de Pacifico in a 356 1500 Super. In a 550 Spyder, he led the 1.6-litre class of the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico later that year, though he had to retire on the seventh section due to a technical defect. Nonetheless, his performance was good enough to win him a works drive the following year: duelling with Hans Herrmann, then regarded as Porsche's top driver, he finished just seconds behind to take second place in their class and fourth place overall behind two of the far more powerful Ferraris. The third picture here shows Juhan (far right) with teammates Herbert Linge, Herrmann and Porsche motorsport boss Huschke von Hanstein.
Later in 1954, Juhan won the 1000km race from Buenos Aires, taking fourth place overall (top two pictures); in 1955, he scored a sixth place at Le Mans with teammate Helm Glöckler, and a fourth place in class in Buenos Aires (bottom picture). However, he always regarded himself as an amateur.
Juhan left Guatemala in 1961 due to its unstable political situation and settled in Switzerland, where he drove a Porsche 928 S4 on-road well into his old age.

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing h.c. F. Porsche AG is mourning the death of former factory racer on 28 September 2011 died Jaroslav "Jerry" Juhan at the age of 89 years. In the fifties, he was instrumental in making the brand Porsche announced at the South American continent.

Mary was born Vaclav Jaroslav Juhan on 13 October 1921 in Prague, where he spent his teenage years. After the end of the Second World War he took part in car races and was an importer of Italian cars and buses. In 1951 he left his homeland for political infighting. He emigrated to the Republic of Guatemala - where he built an automobile import for various Italian brands.

In 1953 Juhan became an official importer of Porsche sports cars. To make the Porsche brand among young South African automotive enthusiasts known, decided to participate Jaroslav Juhan on the Type 356 car race. With a Porsche 356 1500 Super 1953 in Guatemala, he went to the "Carrera de Pacifico" at the start. He won this race right away and ordered out two copies of the new 550 Spyder racing car. In 1953 he started at the "Carrera Panamericana" in Mexico and took over on the second stretch the lead in the 1.6-liter sports car class. In a promising position but had to give up Jaroslav Juhan on the seventh section with a technical defect.

A year later, Juhan went again as a Porsche factory driver at the "Carrera Panamericana" at the start. Over the entire race developed into a duel between him and Hans Herrmann, who was considered the top driver of the factory teams. After 3077 kilometers, Hans Herrmann and Jaroslav Juhan walked a distance of only 36 seconds as a double-winner over the finish line. This success inspired Ferry Porsche, in the future to provide all equipped with the engine camshaft four victorious Porsche sports car with the name "Carrera". On the "Carrera Panamericana" in 1954 was followed by the 1,000 km race from Buenos Aires, Juhan also graduated as the class winner and fourth overall. As a member of the team work Jaroslav Juhan 1955 was also at the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the start. Together with a helmet Gloeckler, he ended the French endurance classic on the 6th Rank. 

Despite these impressive achievements of Jaroslav Juhan was always an amateur in his own words, who took part in races in order to sell the car in connection better. Its automotive trade flourished in Guatemala, but the increasingly unstable political situation developed into an ever greater risk. Jaroslav Juhan 1961 left his wife Denise and Guatemala and settled in Switzerland. As a businessman, Juhan had since worked in various fields. The contact with Porsche and other racers never ripped from his life. In many races Jaroslav Juhan was a welcome guest to the particular habit Ferry Porsche and Huschke von Hanstein good contact. No wonder he's Porsche on the road remained faithful: Well into old age Jaroslav Juhan drove a Porsche 928 S4.


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