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Tuesday, October 23, 2012



The Pinto Brothers ran an amusement factory on West 8th Street in Coney Island, specializing in kiddie rides. Silvio Pinto also operated the Cyclone Roller Coaster for a number of years before selling it to the Parks Department.
All of the brothers have passed on but here is a picture of them. Silvio is in the center.

Pinto Bros Mfg. Amusement Devices, Coney Island, NY, USA. Among the kiddie rides that they manufactured and advertised for sale were a carousel, ferris wheel, rocket, roller coaster, miniature trains, sail boats, fire engine and pony carts.

Just like the boats, the Fire Engines date back to the late 1930s. The Dentino family, who owned the park before the Fasnacht Family purchased it in 1962, has said that this ride was one of the first installed in what was then called Sportland. Made by the Pinto Brothers Co. of Coney Island, NY.

In June 1948, the Billboard reported that Pinto Bros three new kiddie pony and cart rides built in their shop at 2940 West 8th Street were featured at Feltman’s park, in McCullough’s lot adjoining the Dangler on West 15th and Surf, and in Asbury Park. The brothers Albert and Silvio, along with their cousin Henry and father Silvio Sr., also operated a variety of other rides in Coney Island, including a Mangels Whip, a Scrambler, and the Tornado roller coaster and Spook House.
When the widening of the street for the New York Aquarium construction swallowed up their shop in 1954, they continued to manufacture ride parts for customers and operate rides. In 1959, the Pinto family bought the Cyclone roller coaster, which they operated before selling it to the City a decade later. According to a post with reminiscences of the Pinto Brothers on the Coney Island History Project’s blog “Ask Mr. Coney Island,” a pony and cart was restored at the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio.


Pinto Bros. Coney Island Mgf. Fire Engine Boardwalk Ride  

In the early 20th century 2-seater Fire Engine kiddie roundabout boardwalk ride. This Fire Engine would have ridden around a circular track along with other vehicles or modes of transportation. Fire Engine is solidly constructed from metal with wood seating and rails and measures approximately 24"w x 60" long. Front grill of engine has embossed manufacturer, "Pinto Bros. Mfg. Coney Island, NY". Please note: engine is in good overall condition , with front bell.


5' long x 24" wide x 30" high; produced by Pinto Bros Mfg of Coney Island, New York.  A beautifully restored piece originally featured as part  of a circular ride at the famed Coney Island Amusement Park; this piece must have brought much joy and fun to children and parents alike; Lucky Number 7 on the side, dual metal ladders, front and back seat with tiller steering on front end and steering wheel in the back.  Running boards, dual reflectors, diamond plate, crank handles, and pretend gauges, upholstered seats, curved railings, a bell to ring on the front, and so much more; they were outfitted with 4 different types of wheels from time to time and there were other subtle changes, but this fire truck is Coney Island thru and thru.  I'll bet it has a few stories to tell.  Photos of this ride are included as part of this offering.  Condition:  Excellent restored.

Wisconsin USA.

 Very nice restauration as an exemple for the Kiddie Fire Engine of the Pinto Brothers From Coney Island. I find those picture on the web, taken in the amusement park Marshall Wisconsin.

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