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Thursday, November 1, 2012


THE FIRE TRUCK PINTO Bros at JackintheBooks.

The Fire truck was found in a house in Petah Tikva, Israel. The restauration of the Object take a long time because i did not have any photographe in reference. Some say the Fire engine was on a fair, Luna Parc in Jaffo, and on a caroussel in 1956. Impossible to know how he came here in the fiftees, crossing the Ocean from Coney Island to Jaffa. Her he is after restauration front of the shop JackintheBooks, Ram Bam strreet 8, in the direction of shuk hacarmel.

The fire truck is an attraction in RamBam Street 8, in front of the Shop Jackinthe Books, for the pleasure of the Adult and the children.

 First of all the restauration begins in the backyard of the shop, where i was accumulating different fabrics. I built entirely the part missing, in white on the picture. I was inspired by some memory of design from the 40's. The part that i found is in red and yellow on the picture.

I added the central column to fix the top light ( Tchakalaka) of the fire truck. It does not figure on the original construction of the Pinto Brothers.

 I discover a yellow  paint under  the wings, which was on the original ; usually its a very good basis to get a perfect red.

 There was no platform on the end , at  the edge of the front....i added one, to be able to fix two lantern, like  there was on some truck of my  childhood. For the moment they are not connected to electricity.

My inspiration came from this French Fire truck Laffly, in service in Paris since 1936, and now a piece of collection. I remember some where in service when i was a kid.

 But its quit easy to find this modele in France, and not so easy to find a Fire Truck for kids in Israel. This is the starting point.

Ella and Nina are riding the Fire Engine in our house of Sharagay last year (2011). How this kiddie truck arrive in Israel in the 50's, is a mystery....but the kids always appreciate.

Ella et Nina dans le Camion de Pompier des freres Pinto, a son arrivee a Shoeva, derriere les caisses entassees de l'ex Jack in the Books. C'est leur premiere machine a rever, et a Voyager, non loin une Bimba et une caisse a roulette....

Beaucoup de chemin parcouru pour ce Kiddie Fire Engine, depuis sa creation dans les annees 40,A son arrivee en Israel au Luna Park de Yaffo dans les annees 50, oublie dans un jardin d'enfant, puis dans une arriere cours et enfin arrivant Rue Rambam a Tel Aviv, pour etre restaure. Ella est dessus depuis qu'elle est nee....on peu dire qu'elle est nee en meme temps que lui, et derniere anecdote, le nom PINTO du fabriquant de Coney Island est aussi celui de sa grand mere paternelle.....

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