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Since 1977, I have written more than 300 000 kilometers of words, that is to say put end to end, one way trip from Earth to the Moon. Or a second to light for this trip. A second light words in 30 years, some 3 billion signs.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Post Card From the Past

the 17 September 2013 I receive from the south of France a Package containing all the post cards that i send for 20 years to my friend Michel F.
 He wrote me a proposition of text for the exhibition.

Meanwhile, two old still young friends threw between them a deck of post cards. They had never stopped writing since they met at a tender age, never ceased to make the strangest packages, to make travel  books and words, to put themselves at the service of the universal diaspora of human documents . They constantly had their papers in an imaginary customs tolerated smuggling impressions.
So these postcards, the case of one of their games. They said this to each of the editors, the immediacy of a fleeting vision, the revelation of a personal trait or fancy a whim.
They were, and remain, these postcards, precisely contemporary. Stamped with the image of countries that no longer exist, sometimes beyond the occlusion, leading to see images of a world removed. Both anachronistic, timeless and can no longer dating, they would sneak between Israel and France in ultra-modern aircraft as stowaways poetry. And all, they reached their destination as air. So yes, contemporary, as improbable.
Today, they are liable, an invitation to travel through time and space and would recall that life likes to slip into the gaps, against any rapid normalization of trade.
Write to us, we will answer!

Jacques Fhima and Michel Francesconi

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