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Since 1977, I have written more than 300 000 kilometers of words, that is to say put end to end, one way trip from Earth to the Moon. Or a second to light for this trip. A second light words in 30 years, some 3 billion signs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The « Toys R In the Box » - by Jacques Fhima


These boxes are the result of the accumulation and collection of little objects and toys, of documents from many provinces around the world and in particular from Comic books and Cinema.
Imagine all these collections, cut and pasted in a multiplicity of little stories, of micro-models, using the technique of theatrical construction.

This heteroclite compilation of signs is a physical operation of organisation presented in a similar form as in museums of Archaeology.


“Ready- made” of nonsense memories, funny relics and historic references out of their time, they are a universal language.
You will also notice that the content of these boxes is never identical, a splash of colour or monochromes, the back grounds which are used are old documents, post cards, stamps, or letters...

Today, these are the memories-portrait, the toy-boxes, and the imaginary props.  But you won’t see everything, because the boxes are many, this is just the heart of ”Toys R in the Box”.
These are the portraits, more or less complete of the history, of the period we are crossing.
They have a little bit more luck to cross time than other industrial objects. If you look carefully, then the most insignificant detail becomes important, the “coincidence becomes objectivity”.

Each spectator can find a meaning, an emotion, and at the same time a remembrance. Each one can be the archaeologist of this searching field, at the point where the box gives its message of its time travel.  It’s a work about memory, in which each one projects their own souvenir. 

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