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Monday, April 2, 2012


Anna Riwkin-Brick

Anna Riwkin was born in 1908 in Russia, but grew up and made her career in Sweden. She is probably best remembered for her photographic books about children in different countries. The collaboration with Astrid Lindgren began with Noriko-San: Girl of Japan (1956) and continued with a string of photographic picture-books – My Swedish Cousins (1959), Circus Child (1960), to name but a few. What was characteristic of Anna Riwkin was her deep insight into the things that all people can relate to – things that we all have in common.
In 1958, the New York Herald-Tribune’s Spring Festival Award was presented as a joint prize to Anna Riwkin and Astrid Lindgren for the book Sia lives on Kilimanjaro. That was the first time this prize had been won by a photographic picture-book. Anna Riwkin died in 1970, in Israel.

Female : Children's Writer. Married Sture Lindgren 1931 (he died 1952)
Nationality : Swedish Place of Birth : Vimmerby
Date of Birth : 1907 Date of Death : 2002 Age : 94
Pseudonyms : Born Astrid Ericsson

Other Work : Editor in Chief of the publishing house of Raben & Sjorgen 1946-1970
Pippi Longstocking (1954 OUP) - Richard Kennedy
[Filmed in 1988 as "the New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking"]
[and in 1997 as "Pippi Longstocking"]
Pippi Goes Abroad (1956 OUP) - Richard Kennedy
Pippi in the South Seas (1957 OUP) - Richard Kennedy
[Filmed in 1974]
Noriko-San Girl of Japan (1958 Methuen) - Anna Riwkin-Brick
Eric and Karlsson-on-the-Roof (1958 OUP) - Richard Kennedy
Sia Lives on Kilimanjaro (1959 Methuen) - Anna Riwkin-Brick
Circus Child (1960 Methuen) - Photos Anna Riwkin-Brick
My Swedish Cousins (1960 Macmillan) - Photos Anna Riwkin-Brick

Rasmus and the Tramp (1961 Methuen) - Eric Palmquist
Rasmus and the Vagabond, Rasmus and the Tramp (1961 Methuen)
The Tomten (1962 Constable) (1964 Longmans Green, NY) - Harald Wiberg
Kati in Italy (1962 Brockhampton Press) - Daniel Dupuy
Dirk Lives in Holland (1963 Methuen) - with Anna Riwkin-Brick
Marko Lives in Yugoslavia (1963 Methuen) - with Anna Riwkin-Brick
Madicken (1963 OUP) - Ilon Wikland
The Six Bullerby Children (1963 Methuen) - Ilon Wikland
Christmas at Bullerby (1964 Methuen) - Ilon Wikland
Kati in America (1964 Brockhampton) - Daniel Dupuy
Simon Small Moves in (1965 Burke) - Ilon Wikland
Gerda Lives in Norway (1965 Methuen) - with Anna Riwkin-Brick

The Fox and the Tomten (1966 Constable) - Harald Wiberg
Kati in Paris (1966 Brockhampton) - Daniel Dupuy
Springtime in Noisy Village (1966 Viking NY) - Ilon Wikland
Brenda Helps Grandmother (1966 Burke) - Ilon Wikland
A Day at Bullerby (1967 Methuen)
Noy Lives in Thailand (1967 Methuen) - Photos Anna Riwkin-Brick
Scarecrow Island (1968 Oliver & Boyd)
Scran and the Pirates (1968 Oliver & Boyd)
The Mischievous Martens (1968 Methuen)
Matti Lives in Finland (1969 Methuen) - Photos Anna Riwkin-Brick
Lotta Leaves Home (1969 Methuen)

Karlson on the Roof (1971 Viking NY)
Lotta's Bike (1973 Methuen)
That Emil (1973 Brockhampton)
Emil's Pranks (1973 Brockhampton)
Emil and His Clever Pig (1974 Brockhampton)
My Very Own Sister (1974 Methuen)

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